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Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a CA and UT state licensed Clinical Social Worker with private practices in Manhattan Beach and Salt Lake City.  I have many years experience working with adults across a variety of settings, as well as a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I hold an MSW as well as an undergraduate degree in Child Development and Family Studies. I have been a Clinical Director and Supervisor in a multitude of Agency settings.

While I have extensive training in evidence-based treatment for a variety of psychological difficulties, I employ a holistic approach that considers the individual needs of each person. Former patients, students, and colleagues have found me to be reliable, perceptive, and warm.


Although I specialize in therapy for adults suffering from past traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, and low self-worth, I have experience treating a wide array of populations and issues. Those benefiting from my services have suffered from diverse problems, including depression and anxiety, PTSD, medical issues, relational issues, and separation/divorce. I draw from a variety of disciplines, including EMDR, CBT Cognitive Therapy (DBT), Mind-Body-Bridging, family and group therapy, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) as well as attachment and mentalization-based psychodynamic psychotherapy, creating an empathic environment in which individuals can safely explore and make changes to longstanding difficulties.  I am trained in trauma therapy.  I am a Mindshield practitioner and trainer as well.

I am currently only paneled with insurance in the state of California.  In Utah, I am not able to accept insurance but can provide a superbill, which works well for most clients.  If your Utah-based insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits for the services I provide, you can submit the superbill for reimbursement.

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