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Individual Therapy

In individual therapy we will explore underlying feelings and themes that leave you feeling trapped in old destructive patterns. My goal as a therapist is to help you better understand yourself so you can achieve new patterns of living. Your cultural identity, personality, and presenting issues guide the way that I approach therapy with you.

Couples Therapy

With couples, we will work to move beyond reactionary and defensive postures so that partners can truly hear one another, and work towards renewed connection and a more meaningful relationship.

Group Therapy - KAP only
Family Therapy 

Clients can participate in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) as part of a group.  Couples are encouraged to do this together, with up to 6 people in a cohort that meets for six sessions over four weeks.  Learn more about this very effective evidence-based therapy option on the Ketamine Therapy page.  

Divorce and family conflict, grief, chronic illness and relationship issues can all take their toll on families.  We will work together to identify the concerns, find approaches to them that make sense for all involved, and track progress. 

MindShield:  Mind-Body Bridging

MindShield is not a typical mental health solution, but a fully integrated, efficient training which teaches first responders and all those working in acute-stress workplace environments how to master their stress response and protect their minds.  Learn more at

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